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We are VTRAC

We are VTRAC Robotics, a team of innovators, techies, outspoken advocates, and passionate marketers. We are the ones who wake up eagerly each morning to come to work to play with robots. We are the same team who come home chatting up about new innovations, industry leaders and researchers.

And if you are wondering who our idol was when we were children: our Science Teachers of course. Founded by Maryam Bekhrad and Forood Malekzadeh, our founders are well-seasoned veterans in the consulting world. With over 50 years of combined experience, and an international company with over 120 employees, VTRAC is a consistent industry leader in the IT & Business world. In 2017, Maryam and Forood discovered a passion that stretched beyond the current business model: Robots. No, we aren’t talking about the types of Robots that are taking over the world in movie blockbusters. We are talking about service robots: ones that enable individuals to get customized and reliable service in a world that is oversaturated with consumers and ongoing demands to provide one-to-one care. And just like that, VTRAC Robotics was born.

Quite simply, we want to do one thing: Change the world. We know that is a bold statement but we stand by it. Imagine an elderly man who lives far away from his family, and sees a nurse once a day. What about the rest of the day? Who will remind him when to take his medication, encourage exercise, provide entertainment, and enable him to connect with his family with one button? What about an autistic child who has difficulty learning due to sensory overstimulation, and negatively reacts to subtle expressions that her teacher doesn’t even realize she is doing? How will the child get reliable and interactive lessons that are engaging yet consistent with actions? And what about that brand new entrepreneur who has just put the majority of her savings into funding a new business venture and has no money for an administrative assistant, but really needs the help? How will she get assistance while saving on costs?


These were the issues that were personal to our lives, and made us realize that there is a gap between the needs of those we value and the services available to them. Not everyone can get one-to-one help and that’s where our solutions come in: robots that will be there when humans can’t be. Through this, we will change the world in many little ways. We will make a personalized impact that will affect your family, friends, and customers. The kind of feel good impact where you know you are making an actual difference, and not just saying you are. We live and breathe ethics. It’s not only what helps us sleep at night, but it is a cornerstone of our business model.

Most recently, we decided to explore the world of eSolutions: unique and innovative products that help better our lives and environment. Through discovering these products, we felt an instant fit to providing ongoing solutions to those we care about while committing to sustainable movements. Stay tuned for big reveals in 2018!

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