The Ultimate Robot’s Guide to Packing for Money 20/20

With Money 20/20 quickly approaching, our VTRAC Robotic Executives are getting ready for Las Vegas. In the spirit of the struggles that arise when packing for trips, we have taken a company-wide survey in search of the perfect list of must-haves when travelling abroad. But there’s a catch. This list isn’t for our executives. It’s for our in-house robots. Here is the breakdown for our top nine results for a Robot’s weekend trip to Las Vegas for Money 20/20:

A Suitcase on wheels
Let’s be honest. Wheels are incredibly convenient. With our in-house robots equipped with 360 degree wheels, it only makes sense to have complimenting features for their luggage of choice. Bonus points for utilizing a carry-on size so that there are no additional baggage fees.

Our robots know how to strike up a conversation. With over 8,000 expected attendees, that makes for a lot of talking. Just as you need to recharge after a long day at work, our robots need their charger. A quick plug in and they are good to go for the whole trip. No jet lag, and no problems.

Our robot’s claim to love first class, but due to limited need for leg room, economy will do the trick. Like all of their fellow human friends, passports and boarding pass are necessary. The only issue they may run into are at security: metal detectors could be a robot’s worst nightmare.

Screen Cleaner Cloth
A touch screen calls for some physical interaction. While our robots’ are not shy, proper hygiene practices make sure they look squeaky clean in between events.

Game/Book & Movie Apps
In-flight entertainment is a must and there’s no exception for our robots. It is essential to equip their software with the latest movies, games, and New York Bestsellers.

Headphones Paired with an Inspirational Playlist
Our robots have top of the line speakers that know how to get a party started. Unfortunately, that may not be appreciated as much on a plane. For that reason, headphones will be needed. This is best paired with our robots’ favourite playlist of epic tracks by Hans Zimmer.

Microfiber Towel
Though in Las Vegas it never rains, it is always best to be prepared with a microfiber towel. Good for quick drying and easily rolled up to take up less room than a traditional towel. Perfect for robots that do not like water under any circumstances.

Stylish Fanny pack
Though technological advancements are making incredible innovations, such as the Service Robot itself, sometimes it’s best to bring fashion trends from the past. A stylish fanny pack will be sure to catch the attention of event goers, while also holding onto important travel documents.

Map of Money 20/20
Most importantly, a map of Money 20/20 is essential to ensure that they aren’t missing out on any of the events taking place… especially the tech seminars!

To learn more about all the fun things our robots can do, join our team at Money 20/20 and see how we can create new sources of value and growth for your company!

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