Five Lessons That Our CEO Learn’t at Money 20/20

With Money 20/20 coming to a close, I found the 4-day event full of lessons that I brought back to Toronto. Here are just a few of the many takeaways that hit home the most:

  1. The 20/20 Community is full of brilliant minds that want to share their successes and experiences with whomever they meet. Each day, I found myself talking to passionate leaders who breathe collaboration, and got me just as excited about their ventures, as they were about mine.
  2. FinTech and AI co-exist with each other in today’s day and age, and offer never before seen value. At first glance, VTRAC Robotics came off as a non-traditional exhibit surrounded by Financial Institutions. But upon further evaluation, it became clear that AI is the hottest trend in FinTech, which is not so far off from what we do. Exploring new ways that Robotics could be applied to 20/20 businesses (and beyond) was an eye opening experience, and through this, we learnt new-found value to better serve our current clients and future markets.
  3. Start-ups are succeeding in satisfying distinct technological needs with a hugely positive outlook from clients. Everywhere I went, I found eager start-ups, ready to share their unique positioning to the world. Their creativity and ambition was outstanding, but I was especially impressed with the positive outlooks from the public. Big houses are now being faced with a challenge to continually innovate and provide added value, as start-ups are forming micro companies with macro aspirations and markets. Clients are not limited to the few big corporations, and now have endless options with start-ups… and I love it!
  4. People love dancing robots. VTRAC Robotics took a risk coming to this convention as a Robotics company, but we were humbled to have had interested spectators interact with our baby robot every day. People sometimes misinterpret the innovations of Robotics as dangerous. The positive benefits are endless, including multiple implications within the education, healthcare, retail, and entertainment industries (and even financial), where capturing novel engagement is essential to success.We were happy to get the crowds dancing, interacting and most importantly getting a small taste of the many solutions that our Robots offer.
  5. During Industry Night, our fellow techies showed to be not only brilliant minds during the day, but dancers at night… but maybe we should all stick to our day jobs!

This is only the beginning of VTRAC Robotics’ journey. A special thanks to the Ontario Team, and my booth neighbour Richard, for being full of spirit and making this event one for the books! We are incredibly excited to see what events and lessons the 2018 year has in store for us! #money2020 #startups #AI #Robotics #FinTech

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