The Pursuit of the Perfect Robot Partner: S1:E2

It has been a crazy three days so far! First stop: Hong Kong! From the vibrant markets full of mouth-watering food, to the electronic malls packed with innovative products, Hong Kong was quite the introduction to China.

A quick bus ride later and I settled into my home in Shenzhen for the next four days. So far, I have made seven pit stops, including the China High Tech Exhibition! The place is massive, and can serve over 400,000 people! I even managed to spend some quality time with the adorable Robot, Pudding (you’re lying if you don’t think she’s cute). Bonus points for her wearing my favourite colour… green!

One more day left in this beautiful city and I will be spending time with an engineering consulting firm who has provided design, engineering and project management for 30 robot projects! The question still remains—who will be VTRAC Robotics Corporation Perfect Partner? Please stay tuned for the next episode to find out!

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