Forood Malekzadeh

The Pursuit of the Perfect Robot Partner: S1:E4

Wrapped up in China with a bang! From visiting 20-employee Robot start-ups led by some brilliant Stanford minds, to the largest Robot Company in China with over 3200 employees, it was amazing to see the wide spectrum of offerings! Topped it all off with one day at Automechanika Shanghai, taking an industrial view of Robotics and AI innovation. I even got the opportunity to see a robot that cleans and paints ships (both on vertical and curved surfaces), and an advanced diagnostic wheel alignment robot with extreme sensors that benefit the auto industry. Talk about innovative!

After packing my bags, and heading to the airport, it is now time to fly to Tokyo for the IREX Convention to see the reveal of some more Robots. I love Tokyo and am very excited for this up coming week’s adventure! Let’s Go!

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