The Pursuit of the Perfect Robot Partner: S1:E5

Kon’nichiwa from Japan!

Upon arriving to one of my favourite cities, Tokyo did not fall short in impressing me. #IREX was everything you could imagine and more! New company releases, and returning big brands such as #Panasonic, #Toyota, #Hitachi, and #Yaskawa, were all coming in hot! Of course, it was easy to have your eyes drawn to the brands we all know, but I was fascinated by a couple of other things:

1. The educational culture surrounding Robotics and AI not only plays a huge role in advancing the Robotic Culture, but it also imbeds students with a high level of PRACTICAL and innovative thinking. University students had many solutions to problems that some large companies have yet to explore!

2. Electronics consume children at such a young age. I watched a child in the middle of a busy convention, completely uninterested at everything around him other than his game. He had yet to lift his head up when I passed him!

3. Innovations that continue to enable humans instead of replacing them are huge trends! Robotic wearables on your back that enable you to lift heavy boxes with little effort, and wheelchairs that are mind-controlled were just a few ideas that will change our everyday lives!

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