CAMSC Procurement Fair & EduTech Strategies Conference

Over the last week, our team (and robots) have been on the road to some great conventions, including the CAMSC Procurement Fair & EduTech Strategies Conference. We put our robots to the test to educate, entertain and bring out a new level of awareness of the emerging technologies within this fast paced industry. And folks, they did not disappoint!

Our Robots worked overtime to bring in crowds of enthusiasts, danced with unsuspecting passer-by’s and interacted with individuals on personal levels. From our delivery robot, Amy, navigating flawlessly while handing out pamphlets, to our smart iPals that coordinated a dance better than a crowd dancing to the Macarena. This past week was busy, full of panel discussions, talks and meetings, but our robots filled it with so much fun!

We love showcasing the value of our robots and how they are more than just a pretty face—they are full of sophisticated hard and software that give them a great deal of features.

A big thank you to CAMSC & Strategy Institute for hosting such amazing events and allowing us to be a part of them! Let us know about your next event and if you’d like to have a robot attend!

Onto Spain to meet with TheCorpora SLPAL RoboticsCasual Robots, GR-EX and maybe Leo Messi.

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