It’s all about Artistry!

Message from our CEO:

“Artistry was a trend this week, whether it be making bread, companies working towards releasing their robots… or watching Messi play!

Time spent with family is always time I cherish. We took the night to learn how to bake bread! As we know, it takes years to perfect something, whether it be a recipe or a robot. Luckily, that lesson came with the reward of eating!

I then headed back to Europe to visit Barcelona and had the opportunity to see our friend Javier from TheCorpora SL who spent over 10 years to bring to life with an interesting App already built-in for education and more.

I also had the opportunity to visit PAL Robotics! I was amazed to see their advanced products come to life after all of their hard work exploring new products in retail and logistics sectors.

I am astonished to see companies in this industry persevere and believe in their vision so much, that they don’t let obstacles shut them down. Time and time again, we see leaders brought to life and we are confident that our future will be shaped by new technologies and passionate teams.

And speaking of passionate teams, wow, does Messi know how to put on a show! Clearly, Barcelona is home to Leaders across industries! More details on GREX in Madrid coming up.”

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