Quality vs. Quantity

Message from our CEO:

“I arrived to Madrid with great weather, even better food, and welcoming companies ready to showcase their Robots and innovative software!

First stop, “The Place”. A robot inspired museum, created by Casual Robots which was filled with Robots of all paths including Honda’s Asimo and Aldebaran’s Pepper. Pablo Medrano and his team gathered an amazing variety, hosting 1000’s of people each month!

From there, we headed to GR-EX where we met Victor Martin, Kish Regansthon, and their Server Robot from Macco Robotics. I had to find a robot that knew how to start a party and MACCO did just that, with a robotic arm that could make your order!

I then saw Alberto Valverde, who has done a great job in releasing the software, “Can You See Me” (www.aavaes.com) that assists with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I followed with a meeting with Gustavo Beltran (vwww.kioai.com) who built an education software for anti-bullying. Now that’s what I call Robotics for Humans!

We ended with new friends Jesus Bravo and his son from CAMP Technologico (www.camptecnologico.com) who offered educational robots and kindly helped me to book tickets to see Ronaldo play that night. What a great game and ambiance.

So, it’s not the quantity but the quality that counts, which Madrid delivered!”

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