Transforming the World Is up to Us!

Message from our CEO:

“From touring the world to meeting Robotics strategists, developers and manufacturers, I have gotten to see both the glamorous sides and realities that companies face. Despite all of that, there was one constant that I saw time and time again.

Companies, professionals and explores are dedicated to changing the future. Their teams understand the hours that are required to put in and invest heavily in hopes of a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where companies such as Intuitive SurgicalHanson Robotics, Clearpath RoboticsEmoshape INC, ARTICULAB, AvatarMind and people like Minoru Nakazawa, Prof. from KIT, who are shaping healthcare, communication, education and business around the world. A tomorrow that encourages teamwork and collaboration to hit new milestones. In contrast, I also met a few who kept things so close to their chest not knowing that knowledge is universal and belongs to all, and at the best we are a temporary holder.

We put in days, nights and weekends, and do it because we believe in a tomorrow that will transform because of our actions today. I am so proud of my team, friends, start-ups and industry leaders for putting in the work to transform Fiction to Fruition. We will transform tomorrow for the better of human kind!”

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