Our robots take educational advancements to the next level, becoming increasingly important for both student growth and teacher organization. We provide adaptive education, customized to audiences of every age and level, derived from content around the globe. Some of our other educational solutions include:

  • Cognitive Teacher Assistance
  • Cognitive Student Assistance
  • Robots-4-play
  • Robots-4-Language

For Teachers

Teachers can work together with robots to extend their students’ learning beyond the classroom, into the world, and into the future. Robots can be customized to assist with administrative tasks, and can help bring about an inventive way of interactive learning that entertains while educates.

For Students

Our robots are responsive to questions, and can help with assignments, do research, design programs, listen to music and even dance. They are customized to empower individuals through developing in-depth social interactions, and improving logic in subject-based skills. They can also help special needs students in and out of the classroom.