In an increasingly competitive market, businesses are facing many challenges, especially in the financial aspect through difficulties in hiring the right individuals to support operations. Our robots can help these businesses through supporting their day-to-day activities, communications, marketing and data analyses.

Digital start-ups and Internet giants use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline operations and to entice customers with more personal, relevant offerings by using technologically enabled platforms.  This provides businesses a powerful set of tools to transform and streamline some of their most fundamental processes. Robots with intelligent capabilities are able to sort through records, schedule and send emails, make telephone calls and more, through using different platforms such as: SalesForce, Microsoft Office and Oracle

VTRAC’s AI Platform can help businesses dramatically improve efficiency and enhance communication, marketing, productivity, and profitability so that they can focus on core business growth.

Our solutions include:

  • Personal Assistant
  • Retail Assistant with Payment Processing Options
  • Promotional and Display Robots
  • Hospitality Robots