Health & Personal Care

We understand that healthcare varies from country to country and even state to state. Our Robots’ platforms use an open API to compliment varying healthcare systems and provide a comprehensive range of solutions. To ensure a smooth transition, all of our robots are accompanied with full support before and after implementation with comprehensive training.

Our robots are optimized for healthcare through assisting patients, doctors and caregivers by providing medical and personal reminders, encouraging social interactions and entertainment, during and after hours. Robots can be customized to promote health and wellness through encouraging and leading physical exercises and reminding medication times. With additional camera features and adaptive networks, robots can also assist in the monitoring and security of patients.

Companion Solutions

Robots also can support with home automation, security, scheduling communications with family members, or just offering a simple smile and a “How are you today?

Our platform is based on three key foundations within health and personal care:

  • Clinical Care
  • Elderly Care Companion
  • Home Care