Our robots deliver customizable education and learning readiness skill curriculums to assist students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
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Benefits for Students

Movia helps students with ASD improve social interactions and learn daily life skills

Interactions are Simple

Repetitive & Predictable

More Engaging, Less Intimidating

Motivating with Personalised Lessons

Decrease Natural Anxiety Levels

Develop Everyday Life Skills

Benefits for Schools

Our robots are programmed to augment special educators' effort for children with ASD

Systemised Instruction

Support ABA Principles

Engaging & Motivating

Metric Collection

A Sample Session

“This child said more in one session with the robot than he said all year long”

One-on-one social interaction with verbal communication
Warm-Up / Movement
Full body imitation task to foster interpersonal coordination
Skills Training
Training games designed to teach social, pre-academic and academic skills using a variety of techniques
Fine Motor

  • Children and robot play drums together, fostering turn taking, interpersonal coordination and synchrony
  • Musical basis provides group activity setting

Leave Taking / Wrap-Up
Robot ends session with a goodbye and reiteration of session ideas
Movia - A Child Communicate with a Robot
Movia - A Child Plays Drums with a Robot
App Gallery

Snapshots of the application

What customers say about us?

Reviews from our customers

“The students’ interactions were extremely positive and they quickly observed characteristics or traits of the robot that they could identify with; for example when the robot told a story to them with a Star Wars theme, a student responded, ‘He’s awesome. He has a memory like me.’”

Glenn McGrath

Director of Pupil Services, West Hartford Public School District

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