Deliver engaging education that explores new ways of learning for students and introduces real-time feedback for teachers.

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How our Robots Add Values to your educational system

Delivering educational content through robotic solutions enables a unique way to capture children’s attention, all while adding value to the student journey through interactive learning. Solutions also include providing real-time student feedback that enables teachers to better understand individual performance and adjust learning material accordingly to provide the most optimal learning experience.


Teachers can work together with robots to extend their students’ learning beyond the classroom, into the world, and into the future. Robots can be customized to assist with administrative tasks, while also provide real-time analytic tools that monitors a child’s progress and help teachers alter their teaching style to meet certain needs.


Our robots are customized to empower individuals (in regular and special education) through fun and engaging learning material, helping students learn through auditory, visual and kinetic techniques. They can dance, sing, showcase a wide variety of educational apps and showcase a physical embodiment for Scratch Coding. Students can now bring a physical robot to life, while learning important STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) skills for the future.

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By using our robotic solutions, we enable students to experience hands-on interaction to perform various problem solving tasks that are customized to meet students learning path, pushing their problem solving, creativity, innovative thinking skills to the next level. 


The experience of creating innovative thinking and problem solving skills start by giving the students the right tools that trigger them to explore further and push them to a new dimension of approaching problem while having fun exploring what could be accomplished using the STEAM knowledge. 

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THE FIRST ROBOT-DELIVERED AUTISM THERAPY, Ready to Help Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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