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Our technology helps individuals conduct groundbreaking real-time care of their beloved ones empowering all parties to have more holistic view of their lifestyle.

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Our mission is to provide trusted support and companion to our clients by offering unified application.

Elderly & Long-Term Care


For many of our senior citizens, especially the ones retired and living alone or in a long term-care facility, companionship can be a big challenge.

Although most of them prefer a busy and active lifestyle, most often they feel secluded and alone with a lack of desire to get up, prepare meals and keep active.

As research has shown us, an active lifestyle within our senior citizen communities will help them with mobility issues and muscle pain by having a friendly companion. It has also shown a decrease in depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s amongst them.

VTRAC Elderly Care Assistant

With extensive research working with physicians, caregivers, industry experts and researchers we are pleased to introduce VECA (VTRAC Elderly Care Assistant) solutions. VECA is designed to provide support to seniors to stay physically, mentally and socially engaged.

Our solutions can be provided through a user-friendly software or used in combination with our social robots.

VECA Software Solution (Coming Fall 2020):


  • Medical Check Reminders (Pills, Insulin, Blood Pressure, etc.)
  • Daily Reminders (Food, Water, Walk, etc.)
  • Mobility Equipment Reminders (Walker, Cane, etc.)
  • Voice Command calling (Transportation, Food Ordering, Family members, 911, etc.)
  • Diet Customization
  • Monitoring (Fall detection, No response detection, etc.), (Coming Winter 2020)


VECA software will be compatible with several social robots as shown in the photo (iPAL BUDDY). You can also launch VECA on other robots as long as the robot offers an open SDK with compatible technologies.

VECA iPAL BUDDY Social Robot Solution (Available since 2018):

  • Active Body (Dance, Sing, Exercise, Yoga, etc.)
  • Active Mind (Word Games, Sudoku, Chess, Backgammon, etc.)
  • Telepresence
  • Audio Books/News
  • Direct Web Access

Autism Software

Autism Software

VTRAC Robotics is proud to provide state-of-the-art interventions to assist children and adults who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our software facilitates the interactive activities that help children access their education and engage in social activities with non-disabled peers, and for the adults to become a productive member of society. The lessons applied places a focus on promoting learning readiness skills, social skills, activities of daily living, and academics such as Math and English to name a few.


Custom Made Solutions

If you have a business need in the healthcare and education field, we will be happy to develop and customize that software for you!

Our team embraces challenges and welcomes you to submit your custom request for us to create and solve.

We will keep track of its performance which allows your organization to grow with a scalable and adaptive solution.


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