Bring the wow-factor to experiential marketing through providing novel experiences of interacting with a robot.

How our solution is different

Intelligent Interaction

By deploying our robotic solutions, we enable customers to experience real-time intelligent interaction to perform various services that are customized to meet your business’ goals, including facial detection, voice and command recognition, navigation, physical manipulation, cloud access, IoT, placing orders and more. 

Dependable Digital Footprint

The digital footprint of customers is the key to improving services and making ongoing adjustments to provide the best possible customer experience. Our solutions included advanced integrations with our robots through as RFID, Facial recognition, and other secured authentication scenarios.


We offer wide variety of in store services through our robots by enabling flexibility and scalability of customizing your solution. Our solutions include data collection, analytics, and live customer support through product recommendations and feedback collection— all within a centralized solution to help scaling businesses and updating their data to meet feedback demands.

Event Promotion Robots

Showcase songs, dance moves, and promotional messaging in innovative ways that helps convert a passerby to an engaged potential client.

In-Bank Promotional Robots

Showcase products, guide clients to aisles, help answer FAQ, process credit card payments and more.

Hospitality & Service Robots

Serve food, showcase menus, give tours, recognize frequent clients, and engage through customized user interfaces that match your brand’s needs.

Sport Promotions & Team Robots

Showcase sport highlights, engage clients to share content on social media, cause buzz and deploy contact interactive forms to increase response rates.

Security Robots

Monitor a space remotely, detect unusual activity and record, follow & report to an authority if suspecting activity occurs.

Information & Display Robots

Provide information, assist with guiding, and collect live-time data for feedback and analytics of robot’s observation and consumer behaviour.

Are you ready to integrate Robotics into your Retail & Promotional Settings?

We are here to integrate robotic elements to your retail stores and promotional activities.