Navigation Chassis Robot, View Description

The Navigation Chassis Robot has multiple functions such as visual positioning, indoor navigation, and intelligent obstacle avoidance. It is mainly composed of hardware such as lidar sensors, depth cameras, anti-drop sensors, and modular positioning and navigation systems. Laser SLAM and V-SLAM multi-sensor fusion algorithm can plan the robot walking route more flexible.

  • Large carrying capacity: 100 kg of extra large load, stable without deformation.
  • Smart obstacle avoidance: obstacle avoidance in 0.5 seconds, intelligent safety protection.
  • Automatic return to charging: when the power is too low, it will automatically return to charging.
  • Multimode indoor driverless technology: VSLAM + laser SLAM flexibility match, stable operation.
  • Unique remote deployment capability: Remote automated deployment, convenient and efficient.
  • Take the elevator independently (Expendable): can be linked with the ladder control system, work across floors, more worry-free.

Features & Applications

Intelligent Navigation Chassis Robot, all-round indoor autonomous navigation

  • Self-planned navigation route without intervention from outside factors
  • Construction of centimeter level indoor map to improve robot navigation efficiency
  • Visual virtual wall editing to control the range of robot activities
  • Open platform, customization and upgrade according to actual business needs

Open Platform

  • Open platform, providing application development and SDK access

Cloud Deployment

  • Start remote debugging mode locally and build indoor navigation map

Reduced Cost

  • Shorten product development cycle and reduced enterprise R&D investment cost

Support Customization

  • According to the actual needs of users, customized product design

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

  • Intelligent design and human body sensors inside the robot allowing to avoid any obstacles in their way

Intelligent Terminal System

  • Independent path planning, real-time data monitoring to avoid any problem
Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 53.9 × 35.9 × 36.7 cm


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