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Quality vs. Quantity

Message from our CEO: “I arrived to Madrid with great weather, even better food, and welcoming companies ready to showcase their Robots and innovative software! First stop, “The Place”. A robot inspired museum, created by Casual Robots which was filled with Robots of all paths including Honda’s Asimo and Aldebaran’s Pepper. Pablo Medrano and his […]

It’s all about Artistry!

Message from our CEO: “Artistry was a trend this week, whether it be making bread, companies working towards releasing their robots… or watching Messi play! Time spent with family is always time I cherish. We took the night to learn how to bake bread! As we know, it takes years to perfect something, whether it […]

CAMSC Procurement Fair & EduTech Strategies Conference

Over the last week, our team (and robots) have been on the road to some great conventions, including the CAMSC Procurement Fair & EduTech Strategies Conference. We put our robots to the test to educate, entertain and bring out a new level of awareness of the emerging technologies within this fast paced industry. And folks, they did not […]

The Top 5 From South Korea’s Olympic Robot Team

Robotic Fish, Headless Ski-bots and a 29-language Translating Assistant made their debuts at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, making this past event anything but ordinary! These Olympics marked one of the first times in history that robots have been put to work! But not just any Robot could make the cut. Jun-ho Oh, Director […]

The Pursuit of the Perfect Robot Partner: S1:E5

Kon’nichiwa from Japan! Upon arriving to one of my favourite cities, Tokyo did not fall short in impressing me. #IREX was everything you could imagine and more! New company releases, and returning big brands such as #Panasonic, #Toyota, #Hitachi, and #Yaskawa, were all coming in hot! Of course, it was easy to have your eyes […]

The Pursuit of the Perfect Robot Partner: S1:E4

Wrapped up in China with a bang! From visiting 20-employee Robot start-ups led by some brilliant Stanford minds, to the largest Robot Company in China with over 3200 employees, it was amazing to see the wide spectrum of offerings! Topped it all off with one day at Automechanika Shanghai, taking an industrial view of Robotics […]

The Pursuit of The Perfect Robot Partner S1:E3

Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and back to Shanghai for round two. It has been a busy few days, but China never fails to amaze me! These past couple of days felt as if I was within a Silicon Valley environment, filled with communities of professionals who are so passionate about Robotics, it resonated in […]

The Pursuit of the Perfect Robot Partner: S1:E2

It has been a crazy three days so far! First stop: Hong Kong! From the vibrant markets full of mouth-watering food, to the electronic malls packed with innovative products, Hong Kong was quite the introduction to China. A quick bus ride later and I settled into my home in Shenzhen for the next four days. […]