Top 5 Gift Ideas for Kids (Robotics Edition)

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  • Are you struggling to find cool gifts for your boys and girls?
  • Are you searching for gift ideas for kids who supposedly have everything?
  • Are you looking for last minute birthday gift ideas?
  • Are you trying to grab unique gifts for children?

We all have been in one of those situations. Here are our top five coolest gift ideas (Robotics Edition) we know your kids will love! The list is sorted by the recommended age from 2 years and up.

YYD-5 Front Look 2 (No LG)  1. YYD-5 Idol

Give your children an edge in the classroom with Idol as it teaches them English, arithmetic, poetry, idioms, Chinese pinyin, literature, history and more! This super adorable playmate is ready to bust a move, sing and recite poems as well. Use the interactive mode to ask him questions and touch his head, arms and belly for a FUNTASTIC time! His lovely reactions and sounds will create a lively and joyful atmosphere.

Recommended Ages: 2 – 6 Years Old

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krypton 0 2. Abilix Krypton 0

This Modular Robot Kit is a fun and interactive way to learn introductory coding! With over 50 hours of playtime and over 17 projects to choose, Krypton is a fan favourite! Engage in STEM-based play, and bring your robot to life through learning 3 different coding techniques, advancing from drag & drop to scratch and chart programming. Navigate your motorcycle through an obstacle course, breathe life into a seesaw, watch your car zoom past your very own eyes, and let Krypton series become your next all-in-1 robot!

Recommended Ages: 3 – 6 Years Old

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Krypton 3 - Celestial Logistics Soldier 3. Abilix Krypton 3

This robotic kit not only inherits all features of Abilix Krypton 0 but also adds in more complex projects and playtime. This kit is perfect for both boys and girls of 6 years old and up. It will definitely stimulate their imagination and interests in robotics & programming.

Recommended Ages: 6 – 18 Years Old

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Robotics U - Scorpion Bot 4. Robotics U

With over 400+ pieces to assemble, you can create up to five different models! Robotics U will encourage and teach your children the basics of coding, robotics, and engineering while enjoying the fun hands-on experience of building a mini self-driving robot. From bringing to live a rescue bot to a scorpion, prepare to get stung with endless fun time along with your kids.

Recommended Ages: 8 – 18 Years Old

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 5. Dobot Magician Basic

The Dobot Magician is a multifunctional desktop robotic arm for practical training education. Installed with different end-tools, the Dobot Magician can realize interesting functions such as 3D printing, laser engraving, writing and drawing. It supports secondary development by 13 extensible interfaces and over 20 programming languages, enabling creativity and extendability. In 2018, the Dobot Magician won the CES Innovation Awards and iF DESIGN AWARD.

Recommended Ages: 12 Years Old Up

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