Quality vs. Quantity

Message from our CEO:

“I arrived to Madrid with great weather, even better food, and welcoming companies ready to showcase their Robots and innovative software!

First stop, “The Place”. A robot inspired museum, created by Casual Robots which was filled with Robots of all paths including Honda’s Asimo and Aldebaran’s Pepper. Pablo Medrano and his team gathered an amazing variety, hosting 1000’s of people each month!

From there, we headed to GR-EX where we met Victor Martin, Kish Regansthon, and their Server Robot from Macco Robotics. I had to find a robot that knew how to start a party and MACCO did just that, with a robotic arm that could make your order!

I then saw Alberto Valverde, who has done a great job in releasing the software, “Can You See Me” (www.aavaes.com) that assists with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I followed with a meeting with Gustavo Beltran (vwww.kioai.com) who built an education software for anti-bullying. Now that’s what I call Robotics for Humans!

We ended with new friends Jesus Bravo and his son from CAMP Technologico (www.camptecnologico.com) who offered educational robots and kindly helped me to book tickets to see Ronaldo play that night. What a great game and ambiance.

So, it’s not the quantity but the quality that counts, which Madrid delivered!”

It’s all about Artistry!

Message from our CEO:

“Artistry was a trend this week, whether it be making bread, companies working towards releasing their robots… or watching Messi play!

Time spent with family is always time I cherish. We took the night to learn how to bake bread! As we know, it takes years to perfect something, whether it be a recipe or a robot. Luckily, that lesson came with the reward of eating!

I then headed back to Europe to visit Barcelona and had the opportunity to see our friend Javier from TheCorpora SL who spent over 10 years to bring Q.bo to life with an interesting App already built-in for education and more.

I also had the opportunity to visit PAL Robotics! I was amazed to see their advanced products come to life after all of their hard work exploring new products in retail and logistics sectors.

I am astonished to see companies in this industry persevere and believe in their vision so much, that they don’t let obstacles shut them down. Time and time again, we see leaders brought to life and we are confident that our future will be shaped by new technologies and passionate teams.

And speaking of passionate teams, wow, does Messi know how to put on a show! Clearly, Barcelona is home to Leaders across industries! More details on GREX in Madrid coming up.”

CAMSC Procurement Fair & EduTech Strategies Conference

Over the last week, our team (and robots) have been on the road to some great conventions, including the CAMSC Procurement Fair & EduTech Strategies Conference. We put our robots to the test to educate, entertain and bring out a new level of awareness of the emerging technologies within this fast paced industry. And folks, they did not disappoint!

Our Robots worked overtime to bring in crowds of enthusiasts, danced with unsuspecting passer-by’s and interacted with individuals on personal levels. From our delivery robot, Amy, navigating flawlessly while handing out pamphlets, to our smart iPals that coordinated a dance better than a crowd dancing to the Macarena. This past week was busy, full of panel discussions, talks and meetings, but our robots filled it with so much fun!

We love showcasing the value of our robots and how they are more than just a pretty face—they are full of sophisticated hard and software that give them a great deal of features.

A big thank you to CAMSC & Strategy Institute for hosting such amazing events and allowing us to be a part of them! Let us know about your next event and if you’d like to have a robot attend!

Onto Spain to meet with TheCorpora SLPAL RoboticsCasual Robots, GR-EX and maybe Leo Messi.

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The Top 5 From South Korea’s Olympic Robot Team

Robotic Fish, Headless Ski-bots and a 29-language Translating Assistant made their debuts at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, making this past event anything but ordinary!

These Olympics marked one of the first times in history that robots have been put to work! But not just any Robot could make the cut. Jun-ho Oh, Director of the Institute for Robotics at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, (KAIST), has set strict rules for these Futuristic Olympic Participants. Referred to as “Oh’s Three Laws of Olympic Robotics”, each contender had to:

  1. Do something new
  2. Be useful
  3. Not make trouble

Featuring 8 companies, 85 robots, and over $1.5 million in sponsorship from the South Korean Government, some of these teams had been working on robotics projects for the Olympics since 2016.

Here, we count down our Top 5 robots and AI software that won Gold in people’s hearts:

#5 Robot Aquariums

Photo Courtesty of http://wavy.com/2018/02/08/robots-take-center-stage-at-pyeongchang-games/

With the ability to swim 16m underwater and an uncanny ability to avoid aquarium walls, these groups of swimming robotic seabream and carp fish even come with radio-based antennas to help guide them back to their schools if they get lost. 

#4 Robot Ski Competition

Photo Courtesy of Business Insider

With a $10,000 prize for the winner, these headless ski-bots showed off their skills as they maneuver their way down a 200m slope. With 8 racers braving the strong winds, TaekwonV robot proved that size really doesn’t matter as the smallest competitor in the race took home the big prize. See more pictures here

#3 Future Robot- Furo-D robot

Smart technology equipped with state of the art dance moves. With 30 Furo-D Robots roaming around the pavilion, spectators were both entertained and well informed! Robo-D brought crowds wherever she went, directing and translating guests’ questions. She also found moments to showcase songs and dance moves (and was even spotted interacting with a famous Boy Band), making her a well-rounded hit!

#2 GenieTalk

Non-Korean speakers, worry no more! Genie software can translate up to 29 languages, and can be downloaded on to your smart phone or tablet making communication a breeze. The apps participants doubled from 600,000 to 1.2 million over the span of the Olympics, showing how greatly communication is being innovated to be more inclusive among world-wide events!

#1 Hubo

Photo Courtesy of New York Post

Hubo was the first robot torch bearer of the Olympics. Standing 47 inches tall and capable of walking 65 paces per minute, Hubo’s initial job was as a Rescue Mission robot. But as the Olympics saw, he had the honour of running 150m, pulling a stunt of cutting through a wall, and then passed on the torch to Professor Oh himself. See more about Hubo here

Which Olympic Robot would you like to see in your homes & businesses?

VTRAC Robotics Team and Robots


With #CES ending, we are back at the VTRAC Robotics office, and it looks like we may have added a few friends to our team! Equipped with top of line technology, and some of the most lovable personalities, work now all of a sudden doesn’t feel like “work” after all.

Introducing our newest addition to our office: They promote, inform, educate, entertain, and can even serve you that well needed 9am coffee! And let’s be honest, how can you say no to a cute robot bringing you your morning coffee, and moving all that stuff around in the office (the same stuff that no one else wants to do)?

Please welcome some of the many new faces to VTRAC Robotics, and stay tuned for some big reveals coming soon (in the meantime, here are a few more photos of CES Moments)!

Do you see your business/home with some of these robots?

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The Pursuit of the Perfect Robot Partner: S1:E5

Kon’nichiwa from Japan!

Upon arriving to one of my favourite cities, Tokyo did not fall short in impressing me. #IREX was everything you could imagine and more! New company releases, and returning big brands such as #Panasonic, #Toyota, #Hitachi, and #Yaskawa, were all coming in hot! Of course, it was easy to have your eyes drawn to the brands we all know, but I was fascinated by a couple of other things:

1. The educational culture surrounding Robotics and AI not only plays a huge role in advancing the Robotic Culture, but it also imbeds students with a high level of PRACTICAL and innovative thinking. University students had many solutions to problems that some large companies have yet to explore!

2. Electronics consume children at such a young age. I watched a child in the middle of a busy convention, completely uninterested at everything around him other than his game. He had yet to lift his head up when I passed him!

3. Innovations that continue to enable humans instead of replacing them are huge trends! Robotic wearables on your back that enable you to lift heavy boxes with little effort, and wheelchairs that are mind-controlled were just a few ideas that will change our everyday lives!

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Finding New Ways For Machines to See

Will machines be able to look at the world like humans do? Maybe one day, and Toronto is the starting point! Read more Here!



Forood Malekzadeh

The Pursuit of the Perfect Robot Partner: S1:E4

Wrapped up in China with a bang! From visiting 20-employee Robot start-ups led by some brilliant Stanford minds, to the largest Robot Company in China with over 3200 employees, it was amazing to see the wide spectrum of offerings! Topped it all off with one day at Automechanika Shanghai, taking an industrial view of Robotics and AI innovation. I even got the opportunity to see a robot that cleans and paints ships (both on vertical and curved surfaces), and an advanced diagnostic wheel alignment robot with extreme sensors that benefit the auto industry. Talk about innovative!

After packing my bags, and heading to the airport, it is now time to fly to Tokyo for the IREX Convention to see the reveal of some more Robots. I love Tokyo and am very excited for this up coming week’s adventure! Let’s Go!

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Forood Malekzadeh

The Pursuit of The Perfect Robot Partner S1:E3

Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and back to Shanghai for round two. It has been a busy few days, but China never fails to amaze me! These past couple of days felt as if I was within a Silicon Valley environment, filled with communities of professionals who are so passionate about Robotics, it resonated in everything they do. And what was I up to the last few days? Absolutely everything! From testing Robots to 6-hour brainstorm sessions discussing North American strategies; exploring humanoid factories to interacting with the future of service-robots. I got the pleasure of enjoying dinners with locals, and even managed to attempt to eat a scorpion (I have pictures to prove it)! I was mesmerized by the breathtaking lakes in the middle of city centres, and shocked at how riding a 450km speed train feels smoother than some of the local airplane carriers (haha).

China breathes advancement, and Robotics is just one example of how dedicated the people are to improve tomorrow’s future. What a great start to the next chapter of VTRAC Robotics Corporation.

A big thank you to everyone for all your positive encouragement, feedback and follow-ups! Stay tuned for the remainder of my China trip, and the journey onto Japan! #Robotics #AI #Tech

The Pursuit of the Perfect Robot Partner: S1:E2

It has been a crazy three days so far! First stop: Hong Kong! From the vibrant markets full of mouth-watering food, to the electronic malls packed with innovative products, Hong Kong was quite the introduction to China.

A quick bus ride later and I settled into my home in Shenzhen for the next four days. So far, I have made seven pit stops, including the China High Tech Exhibition! The place is massive, and can serve over 400,000 people! I even managed to spend some quality time with the adorable Robot, Pudding (you’re lying if you don’t think she’s cute). Bonus points for her wearing my favourite colour… green!

One more day left in this beautiful city and I will be spending time with an engineering consulting firm who has provided design, engineering and project management for 30 robot projects! The question still remains—who will be VTRAC Robotics Corporation Perfect Partner? Please stay tuned for the next episode to find out!

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